Written and Directed by Alex Brown

Max and Layla are two young best friends obsessed with superhero comics. Not just any superhero, though. They are avid followers of the adventures of Alphaman and his side kick The Purple Speed. Because of this obsession, they are the subject of bullying at school by Robbie, a boy in their class. One day, Max embarrasses Robbie in front of the entire school. Later, Max and Layla find Robbie crying and post a video of him online for the world to see. When Robbie finds this out he confronts Max and tensions flare.

One cup of coffee = a life changed and a community restored.

Shot, Edited and Produced by Alex Brown

Chillicothe, Ohio is a town once thriving with business and commerce for centuries. On the banks of the old Erie Canal and the Scioto River, the former capital of Ohio is a natural crossroads of the midwest. When the Great Recession crippled the area it became a crossroads for a different kind of business, opioids. Since then the area has seen a sharp increase in drug activity. Attempting to fight this cycle of addiction are two former teachers turned coffee shop owner. Paper City Coffee is a shop that raises money to mentor at risk teenagers in the area. Every purchase you make gives a child hope for their future. This film explores the mission and birth of a renaissance.

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